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Is Katie Price Tearing Her Hair Out? Probably!

Katie Price is not the first female celebrity who is said to have suffered from hair loss. Less than a year ago, photographs emerged of Naomi Campbell showing visible bald spots. Two very different women, one cause of hair loss – traction alopecia!

This problem is something I’ve commented on many times before. But for those of you who’ve not heard of the condition, traction alopecia is caused by constant pulling or tension over a long period to the dermal papilla and hair follicle.

By wearing heavy hair extensions over her hair for many years, Katie Price has most likely caused damage to her natural follicles. By chemically bleaching her hair from black to blonde in only a matter of days, substantially weakening it in the process, the star may be literally tearing her hair out.

Bleaching corrodes the hair over time, as you lose the protein that keeps it strong. Having heavy hair extensions on already delicate hair is likely to cause traction alopecia.

I imagine the term ‘less is more’ wouldn’t sit well with Katie. However, if she doesn’t start taking care of her hair, that’s exactly what she’ll end up with – less hair. A lot less!

If you are worried about the effects of traction alopecia, and want to discuss your options, please do not hesitate to contact us today and a Book a Consultation with one of our doctors or patient managers.

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