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The End Is Nigh

I was recently asked to comment on the relationship between stem cells and hair loss for an article entitled ‘The end of baldness’.

New research suggests that bald men are not in fact bald, but the stem cells of a bald scalp are producing growths that are just too fine to be seen by the naked eye.

With regards to claims that these stem cells can therefore be reactivated, I advised cautious optimism. When choosing a treatment, hair loss sufferers should be aware that ‘curing’ baldness is a long way off. Yes, we have more information than we did five or 10 years ago, but in the long run, we’re not yet close to finding a definite cure.

Cosmetic cover-ups are ok in the short-term for those who feel comfortable using them, but to achieve an ‘end’ to baldness – or at least provide a long-term solution – I would recommend a hair transplant.

The recent surge in celebrities who’ve undergone hair transplant surgery – speaking out about their own battles with hair loss – has helped to establish a new level of social acceptance, regarding hair loss and its treatments.

For those looking for a longer term solution to hair loss, I would recommend consulting a few surgeons before making a decision and, providing you’re a suitable candidate, I’d say that a hair transplant is definitely your best option.

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