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Why Transplant Patients Should Be Patient

Understandably, those who choose to undergo a hair transplant are extremely keen for their new hair to grow – fast! I often mention in my blog that a transplant is not a quick fix, and that full re-growth can take up to 18 months. Even oral treatments and topical solutions require a lengthy wait before improvements can be seen.

As this is such a frequently asked question, I thought I’d explain why, when it comes to hair transplants, all good things come to those who wait.

For oral treatments and topical solutions, it usually takes six months or more to see results. This is due to the nature of the life cycle of the hair. If a treatment is used at the beginning of the cycle, the hair will be going through the dormant or resting phase for three to four months. This will be followed by the growth phase.

Once in the growth phase, it then depends on the surrounding hairs. For example, if one has good quality long hairs, then it takes time (approx one centimetre per month) for hair to grow, starting after the end of the resting phase. It is important to note that hair bulk and colour are not instantaneous and develop gradually, along with length.

The same applies to transplants – a growth cycle of three or four months is necessary before any improvement can be seen, and as I’ve mentioned previously, eighteen months is necessary for hair to reach its full potential not simply in terms of length, but also body, maturity and colour

So, if you’re not seeing results right away, keep your hair on. It’ll grow!

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