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New Advances In The Battle Against Baldness

The age old battle against baldness and hair loss has recently taken an interesting new step. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, several research teams have found that manipulating Vitamin D receptors in the skin could be the key to preventing hair loss and possibly even prompting hair growth.

The research shows that these receptors are essential to the process that creates new hair follicles, as well as awaking dormant ones. The findings highlight that Vitamin D helps the process of using stem cells to generate new follicles.

Various ongoing studies are also exploring Vitamin D’s possible ability to help regrow hair by activating the appropriate receptors.

Vitamin D can be absorbed in a few ways – mainly through exposure to sunlight or by eating fatty fish such as salmon or sardines.

Whether Vitamin D will provide an absolute solution remains unclear. There have been many factors discovered by research in the last few years which have a role in the hair loss process, but none have demonstrated a clear and significant clinical application.

This just goes to further show the complexity of the mechanics of hair loss. However, I hope this turns out to be another little step towards finding an effective and universal treatment for hair loss.

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