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Can We Brush Our Way To Stronger Locks?

stronger locks

Want stronger locks? Whether it’s the way we wash our locks or the amount of veg we need to chomp on, we’re always being told about a new trick to reduce hair loss. Caffeine, honey or even pumpkin – you name it, we’ve heard it and, it has to be said, some so-called ‘miracle cures’ are more reliable than others.

The latest fad to grace the news pages is brushing our teeth. Apparently, if we spend a little more time brushing our gnashers, it can lead to healthier tresses that stay put. The research, which was conducted by the International Association for Dental Research, found that dental cavities can be caused by a fault in a protein called keratin and that the same mutation can lead to hair loss.

It’s thought that the tooth enamel in those who have keratin mutations may have the same abnormal structure that leads to hair weakness. Therefore, the study suggests that giving your teeth an extra brush may in fact help those feeling a little thin on top.

Still not convinced? Here comes the science.

The hair shaft is made up of keratin, which is also found in tooth enamel. The study explored a specific set of hair keratin in enamel. This type of keratin in fact lacked the DLX3 chemical which regulates the protein’s expression, i.e. how it’s modified, synthesised and regulated in living organisms.

Interestingly, scientists found several epithelial keratins which are essential for healthy hair and expressed in tooth enamel. However, if the keratins are mutated, then it can lead to tooth decay and dental defects.

While it’s a tad far-fetched to boldly state that brushing your teeth more will save you from hair loss, there’s a potential link and, it’s safe to say, the two may go hand-in-hand. However, we certainly won’t be making floss and fluoride part of our after-care package any time soon!



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