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Cee-Lo Green ‘Crazy’ In Love With Hair

Usually, Cee-Lo Green catches my attention with his songs on the radio – last week, however, he caught my attention in the press.

The iconic bald star exclaimed his love for hair and said he wished he had long, flowing locks to add to his flamboyant style. He even admitted he would consider a hair transplant. From what I can tell, I fear Mr Green’s hair loss may be too advanced for treatment, as there appears to be little, or no, suitable donor area.

However, hair growth aside, I’m elated that Cee-Lo has actually admitted a hair transplant is something he’d like to opt for. If this had been five or so years ago, celebrities would have shied away from admitting that hair transplants were even an option, let alone admitting to having had one.

I noted in my last blog how celebs like Wayne Rooney are paving the way for men to be open about cosmetic surgery and I proudly re-tweet my patients who gush about their new-found hair. This goes to show that, slowly but surely, the veil is being lifted from the taboo surrounding hair transplants.

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