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Hey Jude, Don’t Look So Sad

Perhaps it’s the struggles of becoming a father for the fourth time, or the stress of Hamlet’s opening night on Broadway – either way, something is having an effect on Jude Law’s disappearing hairline.

In actual fact, the changes in Jude’s lifestyle, though they may be contributing factors, will not be the cause of his hair loss.

The reality is that Jude is suffering from androgenetic alopecia, or, as it’s more commonly known, male pattern baldness.

This type of hair loss is very common in men, with 30% showing signs of the condition by the age of 30. Hair is lost in a well-defined pattern, beginning above both temples. Hair also thins at the crown of the head. Often a rim of hair around the sides and rear of the head is left, or the condition may progress to complete baldness.

Looking at pictures of Jude’s hair loss over the last ten years it is clear he is receding steadily. I would imagine he will continue to recede over the next decade and may possibly suffer the full effects of the condition.

While some people with male pattern baldness choose to accept the condition as readily as they accepted their hair color, for the majority of men it is very concerning and for some the effects can be devastating.

All is not lost (or it needn’t be!); there are baldness treatments and medications, such as propecia or minoxidil, which can slow down the process to reduce, or even halt hair loss.

Beyond these, Jude would have to consider hair transplant surgery, should he wish to hold on to his hairline. I suppose Jude will have to ask himself – to be bald, or not to be bald: that is the question.


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