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Is Lowering The Hairline A Good Enough Reason To Have A Hair Transplant?

I was interested to read that a well-known TV doctor  has recently admitted to having a hair transplant.

Whist the hair transplant itself is hardly unusual, or indeed the fact that he’s in the public eye (we have several celebrity clients at The Farjo Medical Centre, including Kyran Bracken, Shawn Williamson and Duncan Bannatyne) what was of interest, was his reasoning behind the transplant.

The Doctor insits that his hairline wasn’t receding, he just wanted to change the shape of it. Whilst I’ve never treated nor indeed met this individual, judging by the images I’ve seen, I’d say it’s a safe bet that there has been a gradual hair loss and weakening of the hairline.

Whilst it is not unheard of for men to undergo hair transplant surgery merely to improve a hairline that isn’t receding, this type of surgery is usually reserved for women who have a particularly high hairline. For a man, it will depend on their age and their own and their family’s hair loss history.

What concerns me is that his comments may encourage younger men who are receding to opt for a hair transplant too soon, before the full extent of their hair loss is apparent.

This is a topic I’ve touched upon many times before, and do find very concerning. Patients under the age of 25 should not be encouraged to resort to surgery and should consider taking preventative drugs such as propecia, in an effort to slow down or stop their hair loss.

If this gentleman is, like one in three men, simply losing his hair, why not just come clean and say it, as so many other celebrities in his position have done in the past?

Whatever his reasons, I do hope that he helps to clarify some of the facts about hair loss – the options that are available to men, and their suitability.


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