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Of Mice And Men…

I read with interest in the Daily Telegraph last week that a topical cure for baldness could be on the market within two years.

Scientists are reported to be in talks with pharmaceutical companies about making a lotion that will reduce levels of PDG2 (prostaglandin G2) – the enzyme that causes follicles to stop producing hair.

This is, of course, another exciting development on the road to finding successful treatments for male pattern baldness and it offers much hope, especially if it is effective when applied topically rather than systemically.

However, in order for a treatment to be licensed for human use, it needs to undergo human clinical trials, which are likely to take close to five years to complete. So far, it appears that research has been based on mice studies and human hair in vitro, outside the body.

Human clinical trials will provide us with further information about the safety of the lotion and the real effectiveness this potential treatment will provide to human beings.

I look forward to reading about future developments of the treatment and am eager to see if it leads to even more advances in finding a cure for hair loss.

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