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Dr Williams Addresses Trainee Plastic Surgeons

Last week, Farjo hair transplant surgeon, Dr Greg Williams, gave an hour long lecture on hair loss and hair transplant surgery to about thirty junior doctors at the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

Although hair restoration is part of the training syllabus for Plastic Surgeons in the United Kingdom, the treatment is not offered on the NHS. There is therefore no opportunity for doctors training in the NHS to see the procedure live unless they visit a private practitioner.

However, the next best thing was offered by Dr Williams who showed a short Farjo video that condensed the several hour procedure into less than ten minutes. The members of the audience were therefore not only able to see all the stages of a hair transplant procedure but they were also able to see close up shots of strip slivers, follicular units, incision sites and graft placement.

The doctors were also able to gain some insight into the environment required to perform hair transplants and to see a large transplant team in action.

At the end of the talk, the audience had a number of questions and a few potential patients may have been acquired from those attendees who were follicularly challenged themselves!

The Farjo team are proud not only to offer a high standard of patient care but also to contribute to on-going education in the field of plastic surgery and hair restoration surgery in the UK.

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