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Just back from Italian Society Hair Transplant Congress in Capri

Both Drs Farjo have just returned from the island of Capri, Italy, after attending the 13thInternational Congress of the Italian Society of Hair Restoration (May 20th – 22nd). They were invited to speak at the congress by the society’s President and this year’s program chair, Dr Piero Tesauro of Milan.


Dr Bessam Farjo was co-presenter of the Beginners program along with Dr Tesauro on the first day. Apart from the relevant lectures, there was also an innovative interactive session based on the format of the popular TV show, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire!


On the second day, Dr Nilofer Farjo gave an extended presentation of the published research into the discovery of the Minoxidil mechanism of action. Dr Bessam presented the latest update about the research collaboration with University of Bradford into the role of Prostaglandins in scalp hair growth. The remainder of the congress was very extensive in its scope in covering all aspects of hair loss, restoration and the different approaches to hair transplants.

The congress was a huge success with around 100 delegates from over 20 countries. At the gala and awards dinner, Drs Farjo were honoured by Dr Tesauro and the Italian Society and were presented with the ‘Tiberio Award’ for their valuable contribution.​

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