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ABHRS: Dr Bessam Farjo Examiner in Italy

​The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery held its exam for qualifying hair transplant physicians outside the USA for the first time in its history. Dr Bessam Farjo was invited as one of 6 examiners. He is currently ABHRS Board Director and achieved certification back in 2003.

The examination was held in Capri, Italy on May 19th and was sponsored by the Italian Society of Hair Restoration the day before its annual meeting. It was held in response to the need of an increasing number of hair transplant surgeons who find traveling to the USA to be very difficult.

The Mission of the ABHRS is to act for the benefit of the public, to establish specialty standards and to examine surgeons’ skill, knowledge and aesthetic judgment in the field of hair restoration surgery. It is the largest worldwide entity to have established standards for certification for education, training and experience in Hair Restoration Surgery. The ABHRS is the only certification recognized by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

ABHRS examiners in Capri:

(LtoR): Dr Bessam Farjo, Dr Mike Vories (USA), Dr Dan Didocha (USA), Dr Robert Reese (USA), Dr Robert True (USA, President), Dr Robin Unger (USA)…

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