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Has Ryan Giggs Done Something About His Hair Loss, Or Is It Just A Good Picture?

I have to confess to having an interest in the movements of Ryan Giggs and even named my son after him; yet rather than his form on the pitch, it was the images that surfaced in several national newspapers that caught my attention over the last several weeks.

It would appear that Ryan, like several of his peers, has been seeking treatment for his hair loss.

Nothing unusual there – we have several footballers and sport stars who have visited us here at Farjo with one or two who are happy to discuss it publicly very soon. What did catch my eye was the quality of the pictures (or indeed lack thereof) and the very dubious, ‘before and after’ titles they had been given.

The issue I have with these images is that some of the picture examples shown in several of the publications were very misleading to anyone currently considering treatment. This is something the Advertising Standards Authority ( has been rather damning of in recent years, so I would have thought the press would exercise a little better judgement. Using before shots with wet hair and then after shots when the hair is dry is a very old trick, as is using camouflage products in the after shot. It gives men inaccurate information leading to unrealistic expectations.

The only way to get an accurate impression of the results from any type of treatment is to have comparable, like for like photographs. Hair should be clean, dry, and without any product. Anything less isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on!


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