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Team farjo face conference

Team Farjo at FACE Conference in London

Team Farjo FACE conference:

The 2015 FACE conference for aesthetic and cosmetic medicine to place last weekend at the Queen Elizabeth II Convention Centre in London.

After last year’s big success, Dr Bessam Farjo was invited once again to organise and chair the whole day Hair Agenda lecture series.

The delegates were mostly doctors looking to learn the latest about hair loss and potential treatments they can offer their patients, and it is with this in mind that led Dr Farjo’s thinking

The subjects were quite varied as were the invited speakers as follows:

Jackie Tomlinson (Alopecia UK), Alopecia Awareness

Carole Michaelides FIT (Philip Kingsley), Choosing The Best Hair Care

Dawn Forshaw (Finishing Touches), Scalp Micropigmentation

Jason Saks, Cosmetic Hairloss Concealers

Dr Paul Farrant (Brighton NHS), Medical Treatments

Dr Greg Williams (Farjo Hair Institute), Non-prescription Supplements

Dr Nilofer Farjo, Low Level Laser Therapy

Dr Gabriela Mercik, Mesotherapy for hairloss

Dr Maria-Angeliki Gkini, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Study

Dr Bessam Farjo, Hair Trasnplant Surgery State of the Art

Gill Westgate PhD (University of Bradford), Hair Greying and Ageing

Claire Higgins PhD (Imperial College), Research Strategies to Promote Hair Growth


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