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    Lewis Porter

      Procedure Overview

    • FUE
    • Type 7 Hair Loss
    • 6966
    OR alternatively call 0333 370 4004

    Lewis had his 1st hair transplant surgery with us in 2016, close to his 58th birthday. After a very successful career and raising a family, he thought it was about time he looked after number 1!

    Hair loss was a constant source of anxiety and self-doubt for Lewis, which he managed to hide from the outside world.

    He went on to have another 2 procedures making it a total of 3 between 2016-2018 with a combination of strip FUT and FUE to maximise his available donor hair and achieve the result you see here. Considering the very advanced stage of loss he ended up with, the result has exceeded his expectations (and that of his Mrs!)

    Lewis now leads a much more energetic and healthier lifestyle, both in terms of diet, weight and outdoor exercise. We are so thrilled for him!

    If you want to get your confidence back and discuss what options there may be for your hair loss problems, please feel free to contact us today, and a Book a Consultation with one of our doctors or patient managers.

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