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    Brian Ramsdale

      Procedure Overview

    • FUE
    • Type 5 Hair Loss
    • 1801
    OR alternatively call 0333 370 4004

    Brian Ramsdale was 42 when he had his one FUE hair transplant procedure at Farjo. His primary goal was to rebuild a natural and age appropriate hairline and reasonable density behind it. He had 1801 grafts

    The photos also show the difference between where the hair grafts were placed compared to the final appearance of his hairline. Very often, people do not appreciate that the actual hairs should be implanted higher than where you actually want your hairline to drop to.

    Learn more about FUE Hair Transplant Surgery, or you can Book a Consultation with one of our doctors or patient managers, and they can determine whether FUE is the right option to combat your hair loss problems.

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