Simon Pringle

    Procedure Overview

  • FUE
  • Type 5 Hair Loss
  • 2204
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Simon was 55 when he first approached us with his hair loss concerns, on the recommendation of a friend. He has been losing hair for the last 20-30 years and continuing to do so albeit at a slower pace now. He wanted a significant yet conservative and subtle change.

He had one FUE procedure with our Dr Greg Williams in September 2022 totalling 2204 grafts. 1600 went into his hairline and frontal forelock, and 600 to touch up the crown. Additionally his average number of hair per harvested graft was high, gaining him a fantastic total of a 5679 hair follicles! He describes his result as ‘transformational’.

He had tried topical medications in the past, but has recently switched to oral medications in order to maintain and enhance both his original and transplanted hairs.

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