A gentleman’s guide to going bald with style

A gentleman’s guide to going bald with style

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A gentleman’s guide to going bald with style

The gradual descent into baldness is a well-trodden path: according to Dr Greg Williams, a top Hair Transplant Surgeon at the Farjo Hair Institute, ‘at least 70 per cent of men will have genetic hair loss in their lifetime.’ In reality, there are also many other types of hair loss – such as hair loss from nutritional deficiencies or from scalp trauma  meaning the percentage of men who might gradually feel the breeze a little more on top is much higher, he explains.

Naturally, swathes of men are unfazed by their departing manes. If that’s you, enjoy what you’ve got and embrace your ever-more exposed scalp with pride. But for those whose dwindling head of hair is a source of acute stress and anxiety, there are a wealth of thickening treatments. The first port of call should be finding out exactly what is causing the hair loss, for an accurate diagnosis is key to deciphering the most effective treatment. There are also a host of clever styling hacks that can disguise a widening bald patch or creeping hairline wondrously.

‘If androgenetic alopecia [male pattern hair loss] is the diagnosis, then consider treatment with one or both of the licensed [hair loss] medications,’ suggests Dr Greg Williams. These are topical minoxidil and oral finasteride and are the only two licensed medications for genetic male pattern hair loss in the UK. ‘If the hair loss is not progressing quickly and hair restoration is desired, then seek a reputable hair transplant surgeon who is a member of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery and/ or the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery,’ he adds.

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