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Jason McAteer – Hair Goals! Stigma for hair transplant is a thing of the past.

Liverpool FC Legend Jason McAteer shows off his hair transplant results from Farjo Hair Institute. Jason talks about how he was never really bothered by how his hair looked until the mid-90s when hairstyles started to change and longer styles started to come into fashion.

Moving into his 30s, Jason discusses how the media started to have more impact on footballers and as a result, there was a lot more emphasis on what football players looked like or how they dressed. There was also a lot more modelling and fashion influence during this time. Before he knew it, Jason took the plunge and opted for a hair transplant after meeting Dr Farjo.

Jason moves on to talking about how the stigma surrounding such surgeries is much becoming a thing of that past.

Watch his review here or take a look at the before and after results.


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