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Tom’s ARTAS FUE hair transplant at Farjo Hair Insitute review

Daily Mirror sports journalist, Thomas Bristow, went ‘under the robot’. Thomas had an ARTAS FUE hair transplant at Farjo Hair Institute in June 2017. Find out more here about what ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant Surgery is.

Thomas had been concerned about his receding hairline for a few years. Since his early twenties to be exact. Thomas was very impressed with the ARTAS procedure we performed on Jason McAteer, the former Liverpool, Bolton, Sunderland and Rep of Ireland Footballer. So he decided to go ahead with the procedure himself.

This video gives great insight into the process leading up to having a procedure at Farjo Hair Institute. Check out the consultation between Dr Farjo and Tom prior to the procedure. Dr Farjo goes into great detail on the process and what to expect before and after.

The Artas hair transplant for Thomas Bristow took place in August 2017. Take a look at the results video with various after photos from 2018 onwards.

You can read the full press release here:

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