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I want to change my hair

I Want to Change My Hair

The Farjo Medical Centre recently featured on an episode of BBC3’s documentary series ‘I want to change my body’. The programme featured young people who had decided to undergo surgical procedures to correct a feature that they were desperately unhappy with. Patients were enlisted with documenting their journey via hand-held cameras.

We were, of course, very honoured that the we were chosen to be featured, however, there was definitely an element of sadness that so many young people feel huge pressure to achieve such a level of perfection.

Hair loss is often something that is made light of, particularly in men. However, it is apparent that the insecurities that come with hair-loss can be crippling.

Matt, 25, was distressed by his appearance, and wanted a solution to the problem that was more permanent than the ‘spray-on hair’ he had previously relied upon. The programme demonstrated that hair restoration surgery is a long-term investment. After four months, Matt’s hair had started to noticeably thicken up, but had not yet reached its full potential. We will be featuring updates on him in time.

Compared to some of the other surgical procedures featured on the programme, a hair transplant is a lengthy procedure, but is perhaps less drastic in that it only seeks to restore a person’s appearance, rather than alter it.

Cosmetic procedures of any kind play a vital role in raising the self esteem of an individual, and for this reason they are vastly important to those who choose to undergo the surgery. It was great to see such an honest programme highlighting this message.

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