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Is It Worth It?

I have noticed recently that there has been a lot of publicity coming from the labs at L’Oreal. Apparently, they’ve created a new wonder pill, made from a fruit extract, which is said to prevent the inevitable sign of ageing: greying hair.

In order to work, the pill should be taken every day for the rest your life, ideally before you start greying.  The pill Propecia, which prevents further hair loss, should also be taken almost as frequently but should only be taken once the hair starts to thin. Would people take a pill before the first grey hair appears? I’m not sure.

I’d also be interested to find out whether the pill would keep your natural hair colour or if you could buy a blonde pill or a brunette pill? I know the industry of hair colouring is extremely lucrative but it’s not just about covering up grey hair. Women, and some men, change their hair colour on a regular basis and its more about fashion than ageing.

Whatever the answer is, there’s no doubt that people will do anything for luscious
locks.  Well, we are worth it!

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