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Take A Brow

Take A Brow! In this blog, we discuss the latest trend of eyebrow transplants.

This week I headed down to the BAAPS conference in Birmingham along with a patient who very kindly agreed to accompany me as a case study for the day.

The conference touched on upcoming cosmetic surgery trends, so I was on hand to talk to the press about hair transplantation and, more specifically, eyebrow transplants. My case study has recently undergone her second eyebrow transplant after permanent make-up
left her with scarring, and over-plucking had stunted the re-growth of her eyebrow hair.

As fashion trends have changed over the years, more and more females are visiting the Farjo Medical Centre for eyebrow consultations as overzealous plucking or permanent make-up tattoos have left their brows somewhat sparse. For those women who are desperate to get their bushy eyebrows back, the only way to permanently restore the hair is to undergo transplant surgery.

Obviously, this is quite a costly conclusion to restoring a person’s eyebrows to their former glory so my advice would be to take heed with those tweezers. Fashion trends are constantly changing, so rather than trying to follow them religiously, try to go for an eyebrow shape that suits your face, doesn’t involve over plucking and makes you
feel happy.

A huge ‘thank you’ also goes out to my case study, who missed her train for an impromptu photoshoot at the station, which you may be seeing in a national newspaper very soon…watch this space!

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