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Surgery Helps Porsche Drivers Feel The Wind In Their Hair

According to a recent article in the Independent, having a hair transplant goes hand in hand with buying a Porsche as one of the most clichéd mid-life crisis statements.

Balding affects 40 per cent of British men before they are 40 – a shockingly high statistic and one that sheds light on the reason why many middle-aged men undergo hair transplant surgery. But for most, a transplant is certainly not a quick fix to cope with the shock of finding yourself in your 40s.

In my opinion, the attachment of the tagline ‘he’s having a mid-life crisis’ to a man who’s had a hair transplant is an unfair one. As I have found in the thousands of cases I’ve treated, resorting to surgery is not a decision that many take lightly. I continually advise anyone who deliberates having a hair transplant to first slow their loss with drug treatments, before considering an operation. If a man decides that surgery is the way to go, the most important thing I stress is that they do thorough research before coming to a final decision.

More and more men are talking about their hair transplant experiences, particularly after popular celebrities such as Wayne Rooney and James Nesbitt have been so open about theirs – and that’s the way it should remain. Taking the stigma away from hair transplants will ultimately encourage people to re-evaluate the way they view them, not as an action by a man experiencing a mid-life crisis, but as a credible way for men who are affected by balding to regain their confidence.

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