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Watch Us Perform The Uk’s First Live Hair Transplant

I’m delighted to announce that on Monday 11 June, I shall be performing the UK’s first hair transplant on a celebrity patient, which is to be broadcast live via the internet.

I am going to be performing the surgery on a well-known ex-premiership football player and current pundit, which will be streamed live to viewers on the Farjo website. The event will be hosted by one of my former patients, journalist and author of Diary of a Hair Transplant: A Journalist’s Search for David Cassidy Hair, Brian Beacom. We’ll be filming every aspect of the procedure, from donor harvesting to re-implantation, whilst also taking part in a real-time Q&A on Twitter.

We want to expose a wider audience to modern hair transplant surgery and encourage more open discussion of cosmetic procedures, which is why I’m inviting viewers to submit questions throughout the surgery by tweeting questions to @BessamFarjo via the hashtag #LiveTransplant.

We hope that our broadcast will orchestrate a pioneering moment for the hair loss community, as well as the surgical field, giving the nation a first-hand look at the procedure and helping to dispel misconceptions around hair transplant surgery. So, please tune in and join us for some social media chatter on Monday 11 June for what is sure to be a groundbreaking event.

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