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Hair Myths – Hats

During a consultation earlier this week, a client informed me that he whole-heartedly believed that his hair loss was due to the tight head-ware he continually wears for his chosen profession.

Whilst I’m sure many will know that this is complete and utter nonsense, it is an all-too-common misconception that this and other ‘old-wives-tales’ cause baldness in men.

I thought I would take this opportunity to set the record straight and advise all the helmet-wearing, hat-sporting, cap-fans out there that a tight hat will not lead to premature baldness. The only exception to this rule is Turbans, which when worn tightly for 24 hours-a-day, can lead to hair-loss.

Whilst hats can cause hair breakage, there is nothing to suggest they cause baldness. Baldness is caused by a number of factors including inheritance, male hormones and certain disease conditions.

Constant hat wearing on the other hand, may cause stunting of hair growth that should go back to normal when the person stops wearing the hat. Rest assured though, this is only in extreme cases.

So if the cap fits, wear it!


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