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Has The Cure For Hair Loss Been Discovered?

Has the cure for hair loss been discovered? There has been a lot of attention in the media recently surrounding an exciting new drug that could offer a cure for hair loss by preventing the balding process.

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have identified a scalp chemical that stops hair growth, at least in mice. They found that a protein compound called PDG2 could prevent the cells that make hair from maturing, thus causing hair to fall out. The claim is that, ultimately, if you find the ‘antidote’ particle that could reverse this inhibitory PDG2 pathway, then we may have a potential treatment, in the form of a lotion or a cream, that could revolutionise the hair loss product market.

It’s very exciting news, not only for those in the hair loss industry, but also for the seven or eight million men who are affected by baldness in Britain. If indeed this potential can be realised, this new development could be the key to future hair loss products, which will ultimately enhance and support the work we do as hair transplant surgeons.

While breakthroughs in research like this pave the way for more exciting future developments, it’s important to remember that this research is still in very early stages. It may take many years of further study before such a drug becomes a reality. As ever, we will certainly be keeping a close eye to see how it progresses.

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