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Beginner's luck, European Hair Transplant Workshop

It’s Not Always Down To Beginner’s Luck

This summer marks the culmination of Manchester’s reign as the European City of Science, an accolade that has seen the city celebrate all things science-related, as well as its place at the forefront of scientific developments. While the city’s historical and cultural influence cannot be overlooked, I’m delighted to have seen such a focus placed on Manchester as an innovative, forward-thinking and world-leading pillar in the world of science and technology.

As the celebrations come to a close, it’s important to look towards the future. While the distinction will move to Toulouse in 2018, I feel that it’s important to recognise the technologies that have paved the way for scientific developments.

I’m proud to be leading the European Hair Transplant Workshop from 10 to 12 June, which is designed to give delegates a chance to learn about pioneering techniques, as well as share best practices and forge cross-sector networks. It is co-sponsored by the world-leading International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and endorsed by the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery.

While these events are always very well received and respected, I’m particularly delighted to announce that we’re starting the workshop with a beginners’ course, taking place a day before (on 9 June). Aimed at the next generation of hair loss experts, it will give people the opportunity to pick up advice on particular treatment elements like hairline design and graft placing. It’s important to recognise that these workshops wouldn’t be filled if it wasn’t for an influx of future surgeons, trichologists and surgical engineers, and we’re proud to be hosting such an event.

The workshop across the weekend will involve both didactic lectures and hands-on training on model simulations with work stations for hairline design, FUE extraction, strip harvesting, recipient sites, cutting and graft placing.

It’s in our Manchester clinic that the ARTAS Robotic system – one of only two in the UK – treats patients with its ability to extract 1,000 hair follicles per hour, and it’s this industry-leading approach that makes us so incredibly proud of our roots – pun intended!

Over the weekend, amongst other manual and mechanised FUE hair transplant techniques, we’ll also be showcasing just what ARTAS Robot is capable of. This is a great opportunity for our fellow professionals to see first-hand a variety of approaches to hair transplant surgery and hear from our invited international faculty who are amongst the leading lights in this field. Finally, the workshop is also being supported by a record number of sponsors and exhibitors providing delegates with a great shopping opportunity!

I’ll be sharing insight and exclusive content from both events across social media, so do make sure you stop by on Twitter @BessamFarjo and @Drgregwilliams or on Facebook.

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