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Man’s Pursuit Of Perfection

Some male celebrities have spoken rather candidly about cosmetic surgery – the odd nose job here and there, perhaps a face lift or hint of botox. On the other hand hair loss has been something that most celebrities have kept, quite literally, under their hats.

Over the past few years, that’s all changed. When someone as successful as Wayne Rooney tweets about feeling insecure about his hair loss, it shows that it’s not just the metrosexual men amongst us who care about their looks – it’s something that affects us all.

Since Rooney’s hair transplant earlier this year, there’s been an increased interest not just in hair transplant surgery, but in all areas of cosmetic surgery. Things like ‘Protox’ or professional botox – for those who want a poker face in the board room – have become just as commonplace as treatments for hair loss such as Propecia and Minoxodil.

Some men choose to drastically change their physical appearance with more radical surgery such as vaser liposuction, which gives the look of a toned ‘six-pack’ stomach. My advice to anyone considering any form of cosmetic surgery is to do your research thoroughly. Check out different clinics, online forums and websites. Above all, make sure you’re contemplating surgery for the right reasons – do it for yourself, not for anyone else.

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