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Setting The Rooney Record Straight

I just wanted to take a moment to set the record straight with regards to an article published in yesterday’s Daily Star. The piece was about Wayne Rooney and the increase in enquiries that I, and I’m sure many other, hair transplant surgeons have seen since he had surgery earlier this year.

I had originally provided comments on the subject for another interview regarding the rise in popularity of hair transplant surgery since celebrities, like Wayne, have spoken so candidly about their experiences in the national press. It’s been fantastic for the industry and, as a whole, has helped change the media’s perception of hair loss and hair transplant surgery.

While it’s great to see the media taking such an interest in my field of work, I was disappointed to see that the journalist had mistakenly named me as the surgeon responsible for Rooney’s new hairline. As it happens, I can’t take credit for this handiwork as it was performed by a colleague and friend.

I have since spoken to the journalist who wrote the article and he has now cleared the matter up in today’s edition. Rooney’s hair transplant result is fantastic – it’s just not one of mine!

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