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Dr Farjo Lectures to Dermatologists on Hair Transplant Surgery

​On Saturday May 5th, Dr Bessam Farjo was again invited by the British Hair And Nail Group (BHANG) to discuss hair transplant surgery state of the art techniques. The audience comprised mainly of dermatology senior registrars as well as established NHS consultants in this field. The event took place in a conference centre, part of the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, and sponsored by the British Association of Dermatologists.

Other distinguished speakers lectured on hair anatomy and cycling (Prof Mike Philpott), hair loss impact (Dr Vicky Joliffe), male and female hair loss (Dr Iaisha Ali), medical treatments (Dr Manjit Kaur), alopecia areata (Prof Andrew Messenger), hair loss in ethnic groups (Dr Ophelia Dadzie), scarring type alopecias (Dr Matthew Harries), hair loss in children (Dr Paul Farrant), histopathology of hair loss conditions (Dr Catherine Stefanato) and finally nail diseases and abnormalities (Dr David de Berker).

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