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Live Surgery On Trend In Summer 2012

Exactly a month to the day since I performed the UK’s first hair transplant to be streamed live over the internet, a surgeon in the United States has followed suit.

As I type, Dr Alan Bauman from Boca Raton, Florida, is performing a hair transplant on American radio DJ Kevin Rolston, which can be viewed live online. Much like the Farjo Medical Centre’s live surgery, Bauman’s procedure features tweeting (with the hashtag #hairtransplantnow) from the operating chair and a Q and A session for viewers.

During Micky Gray’s procedure, I took follicular unit grafts from the back of his head, before re-implanting approximately 5,000 hairs at the front, where he had been receding. It took seven hours in total, so I take my hat off to Kevin for opting to undergo the long treatment in the public eye. 

Not only is the procedure extensive, but so is the planning process for a live surgery. It took many months for the Farjo team to agree on camera angles, logistics for the day, build a microsite to stream the transplant online, as well as securing a suitable candidate for surgery and a host for the broadcast. I have the utmost respect for any surgeon who decides to undertake such a big project.

My aim for Farjo’s live surgery was to educate people about this procedure and offer an insight for individuals considering undergoing a hair transplant.  It’s great to see that other surgeons have a similar ambition across the pond and I hope Dr Bauman’s surgery will help raise awareness in Florida and beyond.

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