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Genetic Test For Hair Loss Now Available Exclusively at Farjo Medical Centre


NEW: Genetic Test For Hair Loss Now Available

We are now proud to offer exclusively in the UK, the first medical ‘lab screening test’ for baldness. A breakthrough in the medical evaluation and treatment of hereditary hair loss, it answers the question, “What is your risk for developing “Pattern Baldness?” The new, quick and non-invasive DNA test is a predictable way to determine if you are ‘high-risk’ or ‘low-risk’ for the hereditary form of hair loss. As a simple and painless test, your genetic risk can be determined by the lab at HairDX.

HairDX For Men

HairDX genetic test for androgenetic alopecia (hereditary Pattern Baldness) is a medical test. The test should be performed under medical supervison in order to avoid contamination and ensure accurate results. Results should be discussed with a qualified Hair Restoration Physician, so that the various treatment options may be discussed.

For more information on HairDX, visit their website or contact us on

0845 3 132 131 or Contact Us

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