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    Tom Bristow

      Procedure Overview

    • Non-Surgical Treatment
    • Type 3 Hair Loss
    • FUE
    • 1282
    OR alternatively call 0333 370 4004

    Tom’s first contact with the Farjo Hair Institute came about when he was a sports journalist with the Daily Mirror, and he happened to cover the hair transplant story of our patient Jason McAteer, the former Liverpool, Sunderland, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers and Rep of Ireland footballer.

    At the time, Tom was a young man anxious and self-conscious about his receding hairline. Whilst interviewing Dr Farjo and his team about Jason’s case, the subject came around to Tom’s own hair loss. Tom’s journalistic instinct led him to suggest filming his hair transplant journey before, during and after the process and documenting for the Daily Mirror!

    He also fully understood that at his age, he will go through further hair loss in the future, and that meant the need to maintain the rest of his hair through medications. Despite this he will most likely require further hair transplant procedures in the future as well.

    The photos show his result 15 months after his one surgery in September 2018. Also below you will find 2 absolutely fascinating video documentaries that were published on the Daily Mirror website and part of two separate newspaper articles.

    Tom has recently taken up the post of Deputy Sport Editor. Congratulations Tom!






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