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Mike Damson hair transplant at Farjo Hair Institute

Between 2015 and 2017, Mike Damson underwent a hair transplant which included 6396 grafts in total. 5796 grafts used the FUT technique in 2 sessions and 600 grafts using FUE partial shave. His story goes way back though…

He is 54 now but first contacted Farjo in the late 1990s, nearly 20 years before his first hair transplant. At the time, his hair loss was in its infancy and a hair transplant was not only very premature, but it may have caused more harm than good in terms of the progression of his baldness and the preservation of his priceless donor hair.

Fortunately for Mike, he trusted us and heeded our advice in focusing on stabilising his hair and minimising his hair loss in the intervening years. 20 years is a long time though and eventually, he did lose sufficient hair to warrant surgery. It could have been a lot worse of course and he may never have been able to have the hair and the confidence he can enjoy now

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