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Becks Balding? The Jury’s Out

I see another high-profile footballer’s hair is being put under the media spotlight following the attention given to Wayne Rooney and his transplant.

This time the man on the spot is global star David Beckham. Earlier this week, I saw a somewhat questionable photo of the back of his head in The Daily Mail which seemed to show a bald patch near the top.

For most men this could be the cause of some anxiety, but for Becks – who had a multi-million pound endorsement contract with Brylcreem and is famous for his attention-grabbing hairstyles – it could be more serious.

Especially as, since Wayne Rooney spoke openly about his follicular transplant, the media are watching top footballers’ hair for problems almost as closely as they do the beach bodies of actresses and models.

So should I expect to have Becks and Posh in my clinic any time soon? Maybe not. But no one can deny that the spotlight is well untruly on the tresses of the football elite right now!

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