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Brow’nie Points For Thick Brows

Amanda Holden (credit SF1WJ)
Amanda Holden (credit SF1WJ)

Whether it’s a new round of Botox or a spot of lip filler, celebrities can’t move a muscle (sometimes, quite literally!) without the showbiz editors of Fleet Street taking note. This week, it was the turn of Amanda Holden’s brows.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge hit the news as she was hailed as ‘queen of the bushy brow’ for her perfectly groomed HD Brows. Amanda has reportedly undergone the innovative treatment to achieve the super stylish look favoured by many an A-lister – and Z-lister, for that matter.

As we all know, the brow has been enjoying its stint in the spotlight for some time now and, according to this season’s catwalks, it’s planning on sticking around for a little bit longer.

While some women will spend hours in front of the mirror armed with a pair of tweezers and brow pencil to achieve the perfect look, some choose to take it one step further.

It’s safe to say that we’ve seen a growing number of women coming to us to find out more about eyebrow transplants and what’s involved. While many of these women may need nothing more than a good beautician’s phone number, some appear to be victims of the ‘90s ‘pencil brow’ and over-plucking.

In some cases, women (and men) choose to undergo an eyebrow transplant, which involves a Follicular Unit Transplantation process, where we only implant grafts of 1-2 hairs each. While this isn’t for everyone – and is by no means the only way to achieve the thicker look – those with sparse hair growth in the brow region may feel a transplant is the best way to get the desired look.

With big brows being the over-arching favourite among fashionistas, it’s safe to say that Amanda and co will be in vogue for a while.


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