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‘Chatty Man’ Is Chatting Rubbish

Whether Alan Carr’s supposed sudden hair growth is or is not the result of a hair transplant – I can’t categorically say, however one thing I’m sure of is that it is not due to the herbal remedies he claims to have been drinking!

Certainly green tea, aloa vera juice and the like may make you feel better and healthier; however they will do zilch to bring back genetically lost hair.

As I’ve said, judging by the media photos I don’t know whether he had a transplant or not, but it doesn’t look like he’s supporting a weave either. It’s possible he’s just coupled up creative styling with a camouflage cosmetic like the ones commonly used by screen celebs.

Another possibility is that he has been using one of, if not both, the licensed drugs for hair growth for a while. With both Regaine and Propecia, results may begin to be apparent after 8 months or so but continuous use is needed to maintain the benefits.

Perhaps Alan began trying to turn back nature’s clock a while ago and his hair has been boosted alongside his career. Whatever the cause, his new improved look from his hair through to him ditching his signature specs, has certainly got the nation and press talking.


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