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Over-Styling To Stay In-Style

A woman can change her hairstyle as often as she changes her mind.

A recent study found that women change their hairstyles more than 100 times between the ages of 13 and 65 – that’s a lot of serum, hair spray and hair dye!

The numerous hairstyles sported throughout a woman’s lifetime aren’t just limited to different cuts; women often perm, dye, straighten and bleach their hair. Whilst all these may look good, persistently over styling the hair can cause a fair amount of damage over the years.

I’ve previously talked about the negative effect that hair extensions can have, but all of the above can cause damage too. The damage may be limited to broken and split hairs; however it can still result in hair loss.

Just as hair extensions can cause traction alopecia, so can excessive dyeing and bleaching. Trichorrhexis nodosa is another type of hair loss that is particularly seen in people who overuse heated appliances such as hair straighteners to style their hair. Once the cuticle is removed from the hair fibre then the hair cortex swiftly breaks down causing hair loss.

A person’s hair has a significant effect on their overall appearance and, more importantly, their self-esteem. I see men and women suffering from hair loss everyday and even when the loss is minimal, the emotional impact is still hugely significant.

Using caution and common sense is crucial here ladies. Whilst change is as good as a rest, as with everything, moderation is the key!


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