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Does Losing Your Locks Make You Lucky – Looks Like Rooney Spoke Too Soon!

In all my years in practice I’ve yet to find a man who thinks that losing his hair is a sign of good fortune. However, one man had good reason to believe just that… until last night that is.

Manchester United star Wayne Rooney recently attributed his footballing prowess to his receding hairline, during aninterview with the Daily Mail.

Rooney has experienced success both on and off the pitch in recent years, but could his accomplishments in both his personal and professional life all relate back to his hairline?

Whilst I doubt anyone regards going bald as a sign of good luck, many seem to think that rubbing a bald man’s head can bring you some.

The origin of where the myth started is unknown and nobody really knows why it came about. George Bush was notorious for repeatedly greeting bald men by rubbing their heads – though whether that actually brought him any luck is a debate I don’t really care to enter.

Wayne’s success, however, is something I’m definitely interested in (on the pitch anyway). Tuesday night’s events in Germany will no doubt be playing on many people’s minds – mine included. Whatever works, whether it’s his receding hairline or something even more obscure, I hope he makes a swift recovery.

And if rubbing a bald man’s head does bring you luck Wayne, I know a few who’ll be more than willing to oblige!


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