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To Pluck, Or Not To Pluck: That Is The Question

Whilst the majority of the surgery we perform has steadily increased over the past few years, from time to time we notice trends that affect particular treatments. Such is the case with hair transplant surgery for eyebrows, which has seen the volume of women requesting surgery double in 2010. It seems that for some women, their biggest regret from last year is over-plucking!

I am told (by some very informed nurses) that the reason for this new trend lies with ever-changing celebrity styles. More and more women are visiting us, wanting to emulate the looks of Keira Knightley and Emma Watson. What a shame that they didn’t think twice before they reached for the tweezers so overzealously!

When they set out on perfecting their arches, many women don’t realise the permanent damage the hair removal can cause. I have seen countless women who have found it difficult to re-grow their eyebrow hair after prolonged periods of plucking it away. Though it may seem like an extreme option, hair transplant surgery is the only way to permanently restore their eyebrows.

For lots of women it will already be too late but, for those yet to start plucking, the best advice I can give is to resist the temptation to follow trends for eyebrow styles. If you do feel you must pluck, as with everything, moderation is the key. Surely big brows are better than no brows at all?


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