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Over 50s Want A Hairline With The X Factor!

I read an article in the Daily Mail with interest earlier this week. In light of Louis Walsh showcasing his fuller head of hair post-transplant, the journalist decided to take a look at several other celebrities whose hair also has the ‘X Factor’.

Not all the stars listed in the article had undergone hair transplant surgery – Shane Warne uses non-surgical treatments for example, whilst Elton John and Graham Gooch wear wigs. What was interesting though, was that many of the stars listed were over the age of 50 – like our very own patient Duncan Bannatyne, also featured in the article, who opted for surgery at 57.

In contrast to the rise in younger men wanting to follow in Wayne Rooney’s footsteps, more and more men who reach the half a century milestone are now turning to hair transplant surgery. In fact, patients aged between 50 and 80 accounted for more than 58 per cent of the procedures performed here at The Farjo Medical Centre during the last 12 months, a 20 per cent increase on the same age group from the previous year.

Whilst men of all ages seek treatment for hair loss, the bulk of those over the age of 50 opt for transplant surgery over medications and alternative therapies. In part, this is due to the fact that, by this age, we’re able to see the majority, and in some cases the full extent, of how much hair loss the patient will suffer.

Hair loss can be quite unpredictable in its early stages, with the full extent of loss difficult to determine in men under the age of 30. In contrast to this, by the time a man reaches 50, his hair loss tends to have stabilised and is therefore less complicated to treat. The results he can expect to achieve from surgery are more assured, as it’s unlikely that he will continue to recede significantly in the future.

I think it’s fantastic that more men are realising they can do something about their hair loss. Whether you want to go for camouflage products, hair systems, transplants or even micro hair technique tattooing – there’s now a variety of solutions to suit every individual.

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