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eco-friendly gloves woman drying hair

The Eco-Friendly Gloves That Could Make Your Hairdryer Extinct

Who would have thought that a pair of gloves made from hi-tech microfibres could potentially make the good-old electric hairdryer a thing of the past?  Well, the people behind the remarkable design at online retailer, Hammacher Schlemmer, certainly think it can.

As a matter of fact, the designers even go as far as saying that this product is a must-have, eco-friendly alternative for women who needn’t worry about damaging their hair though the use of hairdryers. They also claim that the gloves dry wet hair just as fast as the traditional bathroom towel.

For so long, the trusty hairdryer has been the go-to gadget for doing exactly what it says on the tin. However, there have been some suggestions that this, along with other electrical items of the same mould, can be harmful towards hair if not used correctly, by over-exposing it to heat and drying hair out.

Towel drying, for example, has been bemoaned among hair experts. The reason being that wet hair is more susceptible to damage in the first place, so therefore, rubbing with a dry towel, particularly for people with fine hair, is a big no-no in the long term.

As far as blow dryers are concerned, it pretty much goes without saying that heat causes damage. Hair can be left dehydrated as a result, leaving it dry, rigid and brittle.

The ‘Hair Drying Gloves’ are specifically designed to absorb the water from hair in order to leave it completely dry. The hi-tech microfibres are even supposed to work their magic on styled hair, capable of absorbing products such as gel and hairspray.

In addition to this, the £13 product is being marketed as an item that can be stored in the hand bag, ready for action should there be a heavy downpour on the way to work, or even on the school run!

So, is this really the hair-friendly alternative to the traditional dryer? The gloves are off, that’s for sure.

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