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Why Are Well-Groomed Men Still Clueless About Shampoo?

I was reading an article in the latest issue of Esquire this weekend in which X Factor presenter Dermot O’Leary candidly revealed the details of the grooming products he uses, from Tom Ford shower gel to Elemis Deep Cleanse facial wash.

He was even insistent enough to declare that Colgate is the one and only brand of toothpaste he ever uses – and what a great plug for the brand!

However it was reasonably alarming to see that the one product the ITV showman isn’t so fussy over is shampoo. Which begged the question: how can a man be so particular about what’s in his wash bag, yet not know or care what shampoo he uses?

In a world where hair loss is arguably the biggest bug bear for the majority of well-groomed males, it’s quite startling when a man can name not one, but two ‘daytime’ fragrances he uses (Chemistry by Clinique or Terre d’Hermès for those interested), yet settle for ‘whatever’s to hand’ when he washes his hair each day.

As far as famous haircuts go, Dermot tends to slip under the radar, despite showing up on primetime TV at least twice a week during X Factor season. Nevertheless, in a market place with so many products and so much choice, you think that a man with an obvious interest in grooming would know his Aussie from his Alpecin.

Dermot could even pin point the exact spot in London where he goes to get a haircut. Work that one out.

A shampoo is just as important as a serum, moisturiser of face wash when it comes to ticking the ‘well-groomed’ box.

The key to maintaining a healthy head of hair is to invest in the right type of hair care suited to your needs. Whatever brand of shampoo or conditioner you choose, it is important to consider all the benefits before heading out to buy all the lotions and potions required for elsewhere. And the good news is you don’t have to shift heaven and earth to find them.

Keep your eyes peeled to for a few of my favourites.

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