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‘The Youthful Look’… More Hair And Less Wrinkles!

Botulinum toxin, more commonly referred to as ‘botox’, is generally thought to be used by females rather than males.

Recently, though, we’ve seen an increase in male patients taking advantage of our Anti-Wrinkle Injection service. When coupled with a new hairline and frontal forelock hair restoration, this treatment for wrinkles and facial lines leaves the patient with a subtle, more youthful look.

For most, losing one’s hair and developing wrinkles are inescapable parts of growing older. In an era where youthfulness – for both sexes – is valued as a virtue, the pressure is now also on men to keep looking young!

Even with a full head of hair, men will spend part of their grooming time looking for signs of hair loss. When hair loss does occur, the majority of men will no doubt rush down to the supermarket and waste their hard-earned cash on shampoos, conditioners and other products that erroneously claim to slow down the effects of hair loss.

The same applies for the hundreds of creams out there that claim to ‘reduce the appearance of wrinkles’. Although moisturising benefits the skin, it won’t eradicate wrinkles.

Just like hair loss, wrinkles can have a major effect on a person’s self-esteem.

By reversing the effects of ageing with procedures that actually do work, patients often find these treatments have a positive impact on them both emotionally and aesthetically.


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