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Chris Bisson discusses his hair transplant experience

Film & TV actor Chris Bisson gives his honest views about his own hair transplant experience – including showing his own before and after footage. Chris underwent a FUE hair tranplant.

Chris talks about how you don’t necessarily notice hair loss day to day. For him, it was having a look over family holiday photos and having his hairline touch up with powder to avoid shine on set.

Chris felt that with the industry he works in, there is no stigma attached to cosmetic procedures. So he had plenty of confidantes he could speak to who had been on their own hair transplant jounrey.

Speaking of the results, Chris uses the word ‘relaxed’ to describe his experience. He is reluctant that he no longer worries about having to work his hair a certain way in the mornings.

Filmed on location at Altrincham Little Theatre, Altrincham, Cheshire, Hair transplant by the Farjo Hair Institute, Manchester & London. You can also see the before and after pictures.

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