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Chris Bisson, Actor, FUE Hair Transplant at Farjo

Chris Bisson is one of the most well-known faces in British acting. He is popular for major stints on TV shows Children’s Ward, Coronation Street, Shameless and currently, Emmerdale. He is also very fondly remembered for playing ‘Saleem Khan’ on the hit comedy film, East Is East.

Chris first approached us in 2016, on the recommendation of his dear friend and fellow actor Alan Halsall. He had lost a significant amount of hair through male pattern baldness and was young enough to potentially lose even more. Of course, it affected him personally like everyone else, but it also was having an impact on his career.

The first line of treatment was stabilising the hair loss which Chris did with medications. After that, Chris underwent 2 hair transplant FUE surgeries in 2016 and 2018 addressing mainly the hairline and frontal forelock, with a little touch-up to the crown. His total graft numbers were 2903, containing approx 6400 hair follicles.

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