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John Thomson talks about his hair transplant from the Farjo Hair Institute

Cold Feet’s funny man John Thomson talks about a hair transplant he received at the Farjo Hair Institute.

When asked why he decided to have a hair transplant John talks about a time in a posh hotel room. He was getting out of the bath and he noticed lots of hair shedding.

The Farjo Hair Institute came highly recommended which is the main reason for John opting for his procedure here. He talks about his experience after having his hair transplant. John describes his hair regrowth as similar to ‘a window box that had been watered’.

Following the procedure, John explains how his career has been positively impacted. He is now more likely to be cast for younger roles rather than older ones.

Shaun returned to our screens on 9th September on Cold Feet with renewed confidence. Read the full article.

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