Hair Transplants On The NHS – Are They Always A Bad Thing?

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By Dr Greg Williams Some types of plastic surgery could be permanently struck off the NHS rosta, according to health secretary, Jeremy Hunt. He told a media breakfast earlier this month that he was against purely cosmetic work being performed via the public purse, highlighting one case of a 25-year-old woman who had a breast […]


The Science of Satin

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I’m often approached by individuals requesting my endorsement of products and theories surrounding hair loss treatments. Several items, such as Rogaine and Nanogen, are sold on the Farjo e-commerce store and recommended to our patients on a daily basis. Last week, I was approached by Shop Bedding, an American company which – as the name […]

Raising A Smile

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Those of you who live in London might have seen me on the capital’s new television station, London Live, in May. I was being interviewed on the subject of confidence – a concept which usually goes hand-in-hand with conversations about hair transplantation. It’s rare that a patient won’t mention confidence when discussing his or her […]