Is my hair type hereditary? The link between our ancestors’ hair and our own

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Our parents’ genetics greatly impacts the type, texture, and growth of our hair — but it’s not as straightforward as you may think. Your genetics play a major role in determining your hairs texture — straight, wavy, curly, and the general thickness of individual strands. But this also depends greatly on the variations of the […]

What You Don't Know About Hair Transplant Surgery

Four things you didn’t know about hair transplant surgery

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Hair transplants are a common procedure for those suffering from hair loss, but it’s a decision that requires full understanding and shouldn’t be made lightly. There are different types of hair transplants, including FUE, and Strip FUT. Visit this page of our website for more details on each of the options. If you think that […]


Hair Loss Uncovered — What Are The Signs And When Should You Be Worried?

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Losing hair is often nothing to worry about. We tend to lose between 50 – 100 hairs each day, and our hair cycle works continuously to naturally replenish our follicles. But when should we be concerned? Some signs of excessive hair loss include the following: Gradual thinning of the hair A bald spot that grows […]

hair loss in twenties

Is Hair Loss in Your Twenties Normal? And What Can You Do About It?

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If you’re experiencing hair loss in your twenties, finding a larger quantity of hair clogging your shower drain, or your once luscious locks looking a little thinner, then you are not alone. Hair loss and thinning are incredibly common for people in their twenties, and when we consider the complex process of hair growth and […]

styling hair loss

Is Styling Your Hair Linked To Hair Loss?

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Although more commonly linked to genetics or hormones, hair loss can be the result of lifestyle and environmental factors too. Many of us style our hair daily without considering the toll that it could be taking on its health. Let’s discuss how styling your hair could be contributing to hair loss and, importantly, what you […]

10 questions surgeon

The 10 Questions to Always Ask Your Surgeon

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Taking the plunge and booking in for your first hair transplant consultation is something you have no doubt been thinking about for a long time. However, when you decide the time is right, it is crucial to ask your surgeon the right questions to ensure a safe and successful procedure. Here we have compiled the […]

female celebrities hair loss

Female Celebrities Who Have Suffered From Hair Loss

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When people think of ‘hair loss’, they often mistakenly categorise it as something only men struggle with, when in fact, it affects both sexes. Here we discuss well known female celebrities that have shared their struggles with hair loss. The NHS has estimated that 8 million women in the UK experience hair loss by the […]


What Is Hair Follicle Banking and Is It for Me?

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For those concerned about hair loss, finding new solutions and planning for the future is extremely important. And thankfully, scientists at Farjo Hair Institute and HairClone are in the process of creating a ground-breaking new treatment for rejuvenation and eventually regeneration, allowing you to ‘stop the clock’ on thinning hairlines. Although the treatment is still […]

Scalp Micropigmentation: Everything You Need To Know

Everything you need to know about scalp micropigmentation

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We understand that surgery sometimes isn’t the right option for those wanting to restore their hairline – in some cases, it simply isn’t a viable option due to a lack of donor hair (i.e., hair that can be taken from another area of the body). Fortunately, however, there are many other innovative procedures and treatments […]