A side effect of Smoking you didn’t know about. Can smoking cause hair loss?

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The effects of smoking are widely known, with cancer and health warnings on cigarette packaging and adverts highlighting the dangers . But hair loss may be a side effect of smoking which you aren’t as aware of. Does smoking cause hair loss? Having a smoking habit can cause hair loss, or hair thinning, in some […]

Does anaemia cause hair loss?

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Iron deficiency, anaemia, refers to a lower than normal iron in the body. Most commonly, it occurs because of blood loss or pregnancy.  However,  some people affected by anaemia can experience hair loss as one of their symptoms. So, firstly why do we need iron in the body? Iron is essential for making haemoglobin, a […]

Does Creatine cause hair loss?

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Over recent months, Creatine, a popular pre-workout supplement, has been hitting the headlines due to its potential link with hair loss. Although not proven to cause hair loss, this nutritional and sports supplement may affect the levels of DHT, a hormone connected to hair loss. What is Creatine? Natural Creatine is a source of energy […]

FUE vs FUT Hair transplant

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When you are considering a hair transplant, you may come across two frequently used terms — FUE and FUT. Both techniques are widely known due to their proven results, but which transplant option is best suited for you? Deciding between the two procedures may lead you to pose specific questions. See below for the FUE […]

Finasteride Guide

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What is finasteride? Finasteride is a medication that is commonly used as a treatment for hair loss and baldness. Finasteride reduces the body’s production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes gradual hair loss, protecting the hair from DHT damage.   Does finasteride work? Finasteride is a popular treatment for preventing hair loss and baldness due to […]

Is my hair type hereditary? The link between our ancestors’ hair and our own

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Our parents’ genetics greatly impacts the type, texture, and growth of our hair — but it’s not as straightforward as you may think. Your genetics play a major role in determining your hairs texture — straight, wavy, curly, and the general thickness of individual strands. But this also depends greatly on the variations of the […]

What You Don't Know About Hair Transplant Surgery

Four things you didn’t know about hair transplant surgery

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Hair transplants are a common procedure for those suffering from hair loss, but it’s a decision that requires full understanding and shouldn’t be made lightly. There are different types of hair transplants, including FUE, and Strip FUT. Visit this page of our website for more details on each of the options. If you think that […]


Hair Loss Uncovered — What Are The Signs And When Should You Be Worried?

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Losing hair is often nothing to worry about. We tend to lose between 50 – 100 hairs each day, and our hair cycle works continuously to naturally replenish our follicles. But when should we be concerned? Some signs of excessive hair loss include the following: Gradual thinning of the hair A bald spot that grows […]

hair loss in twenties

Is Hair Loss in Your Twenties Normal? And What Can You Do About It?

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If you’re experiencing hair loss in your twenties, finding a larger quantity of hair clogging your shower drain, or your once luscious locks looking a little thinner, then you are not alone. Hair loss and thinning are incredibly common for people in their twenties, and when we consider the complex process of hair growth and […]